Install Magento On Xampp/Wampp

12 05 2011

If you want to install magento on xampp please follow this step.

1. download magento from this link magento download,  Here you can download zip file and extract on your machine,

2. copy magento folder and paste  yourpath/xampp/htdocs/

3. Setup database http://localhost/phpmyadmin or http://localhost/phpmyadmin

4. Edit apache/conf/httpd.conf find this line

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ (If there comment # so remove comment)

5. Edit apache/bin/php.ini and php/php.ini find

extension=php_mcrypt.dll (This change is not necessary in xampp)


check if above has comment ( ; ) then remove comment sign.

6. restart the xampp server.

I hope this is helpful to you.